Manportable Robot for Reconnaissance and Surveillance, Security and Counter IED Operation

HUNTER mini ROV is lightweight, compact, multi mission, remote tactical platform developed for supporting small team dismounted mobile operations. HUNTER is deployed by small teams to gain situational awareness in dangerous condition and take actions while keeping security personal out of harm way.

HUNTER has the ability to investigate and recover or neutralize a potential IED. Day and night sensors allow it to serve as the forward eyes of the team while also delivering remote sensors, em-placing counter IED charges and more.

Key Features:-

  • Designed for dismounted small teams for reconnaissance, surveillance and counter IED mission.
  • Highly modular and reconfigurable to meet mission requirements.
  • System can be carried as a whole or easily split between operators to lighten load.
  • Lightweight to minimize impact to existing combat load.
  • Small enough to fit inside a MOLLE pack.
  • Tough enough to survive rough handling and adverse weather.
  • Extended Endurance.
  • Modular design to accommodate optional payload and sensors.

Mission Scenarios:-

  • Reconnaissance and Surveillance.
  • Perimeter Security using on board optics.
  • Security Checkpoint.
  • Under vehicle inspection.
  • Inspection of bus, train or plane.
  • Open door and move objects.
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal.