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Counter IED Training Range                       Remote Control of IEDs

 COUNTER-IED TRAINING RANGE                                               REMOTE CONTROL OF IEDs

1. Technology's a Force Multiplier: For near-real training, live ranges are the best solution–in these ranges, security             personnel train / rehearse exactly as in real operations, while technology handles the rest.

2. How To Plan A Live Training Range: To create a Custom Training Range exactly to your requirements, Please choose the Modules you need. Each module provides one aspect of the range:

a.Range Infrastructure: These are buildings / Structures, to depict an operational scenario:

i. Prefabricated Structures / Permanent Structures: to depict public / private buildings, bus stands, railway lines, airfields, etc.               where security forces are likely to operate.

ii.  Associated Roads / Tracks, bridges / Culverts, etc.

iii. Vehicles, etc: E.g. To Simulate Car bombs, etc.

iv. Control Room: To monitor / control the exercise.

v. Squad Posts and Demolition Pits: If required

vi.  Solar based battery charging and power supply for Range: If required.

b. Scenario Kits: To simulate different scenarios (e.g., Market Place, Hotel entrance, )

i. Participant Kits (if required): These help to depict particular operational scenarios:

  1. Security Forces Set: Includes Counter-IED Equipment’s (usually provided by security forces).
  2. Terrorists Kits: e.g. Terrorist dresses, dummy weapons, etc.
  3.  Bystander Kits: e.g. local dresses, etc

ii Other Kits as per Scenario:

  1. Market place, hotel lobby, airport entrance, etc.
  2. Post Blast Investigation Kit, Suicide Bomber Kit, etc.

c. Simulated IEDs:

i. RF based simulated IEDs of various kinds: IEDs can be shifted around for each exercise.

ii. Pyrotechnic Cartridges: With blast sound and smoke.

d. . Range Software: This includes real time view of activities on the range on a screen, reports, analysis, etc.

Examples of Training / Scenario Kits: Are as follows:

Ser Counter IED Range Items Description
Terrorist Kits
1 Highway / Rural Lane Set of simulated IEDs encountered in such an area- includes solar PV rocket, EFP (Comd Initiated), cutting charge, IR Barrier, Tire IED, Kerb side
IED, etc. Changes can be made to suit customer requirements.
2 City Market / Urban Lane do--
3 IED Kit: VIP Podium / Grand Stand do--
4 IED Kit: Suicide Bomber do--
5 IED Kit: VIP Accommodation /Guest Room do--
6 IED Kit : Hospital / Hotel / Airport Entrance
/ Sentry Post at Building Entrance
7 Post Blast Investigation Kit do--
Scenario Kits
8 Scenario Kit: Street Market Includes items to create a street market
9 Scenario Kit: Guest Room Same concept
10 Scenario Kit: Hospital / Hotel / Airport Entrance Area -do-
11 Scenario Kit: Sentry Post at VIP Building / Area -do-
12 Scenario Kit: Security Forces Camp -do-
Fixed Infrastructure -do-
13 Prefabricated structures To depict different buildings (include sheds of size 20 x 10 ft, 6 x 6 ft, etc.
14 Associated infrastructure on Range E.g., Vehicle Driving Track, Walking Track, Road barrier, Railway line, Culvert, Demolition Pit , Blast Crater (for PBOA training), Squad Posts, etc.
Control Room
15 Fixed control Room; OR Building with glass windows all around and a control panel
16 Briefcase Based Control Panel for 15 IEDs; OR For establishing a miniature Counter-IED Range
17 Briefcase Based Control Panel for 30 IEDs -ditto-




                    Laser Firing and Sensor-Fitted Jackets

1. General: The TET is a IoT (Internet of Things) based Live Range Simulator to conduct multi-sided Counter-Insurgency and   Combat Training Exercises, with simulated Small Arms fire, IEDs /Mines and Grenades, in an outdoor range.The entire  exercise is monitored, controlled and recorded graphically through software, in near real time.

2. Features:

 Tactical Egagement Trainer. png             IEDs Mines !!!                 

(a)        Exercise Monitoring and Control: Through a Control  Panel.

(b)        Recorded Exercises: For Analysis and Lessons Learnt.

(c)        Laser Firing and Pyrotechnics: For training realism.

(d)        Training Reports: For analysis and drawing lessons.


(a)        Training Realism:  Through laser firing, blasts, realistic scenarios, bystanders and actual CIED tasks.

(b)        Training Flexibility: Flexible infrastructure

(c)        Excellent Training Results: By introducing two / three side exercises, with ‘real’ fire, realistic scenarios, bystanders and actual C-IED tasks.

(b)        Rehearsals on Actual Op Scenarios: By simulating actual scenarios. Commanders can rehearse troops in Tactical drills: and engagements against simulated enemy, before sending them into critical operations.

(c)        Real Feedback to Commanders: Through live view on Control Panel. Commanders can assess and take actions: to increase their troops’ combat effectiveness.

(d)        Most-Reliable Lessons Learned: Through recorded exercises and analysis.

(d)        Soldiers can get feedback on individual skills: Acquired during training, field craft, battle drills, and live firing exercises while carrying out operational tactical exercises.

(e)         Reasonably Priced, Modeler : To Cater for Increased need and to fit in  unit's budget, no Costly AMCs, and online after sales support.

4. Clients Using Tactical Engagement Trainer Versions:

Versions of TET are successfully installed at NSG, BEG Roorkee, CME Pune and field units. The equipment has been displayed at ARTECH 2019, Army Design Bureau and International Security Expo 2018.



1.General: Software Controlled IED Training Range (SC-ITR) helps you to conduct 3-sided training exercises in an IED              environment, with all IEDs and personnel tracked and recorded in near real time. User Features include:


        a. Three Sided Exercises: Security Forces / Friendly Forces, Terrorists and Bystanders.

        b. Tracking of IEDs and Personnel: Microprocessor based Hardware Devices on IEDs as well on all Individuals on the                             Range. Locations of IEDs can be changed for each exercise for realism.

       c. Monitoring and Control of Exercises: All movements on ground are seen on the screen. Blasts on the range are also                        seen on the screen. Command type IEDs can be initiated by the Control Team.

       d. Live video: An option for providing live video on a separate screen with a grid of surveillance cameras laid in the training                       area is an option.

       e. Recording and Playback of Exercises:  On a timeline, either time-wise or event-wise. Both digital graphics recording                         and video recording can be played back together on separate screens, at real or enhanced speeds (up to x 16 times actual                      speed). An archive of Recorded exercises is created for future reference.

       f. Realistic Training: IED Blast with Audio and Smoke, definable Kill and Danger Zones and definable proximity distances, if                     required.

       g. CIED Exercise Sets:  Security Forces Equipment sets, Terrorist/Insurgent sets, Bystander and scenario sets are optional.                     These can be configured as per the area (J&K, NE, Urban Terrorism, etc.).


        a. Training Realism:  By introducing realistic scenarios, bystanders and actual CIED tasks.

        b. Training Flexibility: Flexible infrastructure provided.

        c. Excellent Training Standards: Live simulators (with troops on ground against an enemy, with firing, etc.) are proven to                        provide the best possible skills standards.

        d. Reliability of Lessons Learnt: Exercises are recorded for Analysis and actual Lessons are extracted.

4.Clients: Some of our satisfied clients of Simulators:

       a. National Security Guard (NSG),

       b. College of Military Engineering (CME) Pune,

       c. Bengal Engineering Group (BEG) Roorkee,

       d. A Para Field Company

       e. Other training establishments, and units.




1.General: Using Paintball Guns and accessories, you can conduct realistic 2/3 sides exercises with excellent training value, and excellent participant engagement.

2.Features, Equipment and Specifications: (These are subject to change, due to continuous modernisation. Please contact us for latest specifications)

(a)  Paintball Marker: Uses compressed CO2 or HPA (High Pressured Air) to propel 0.68 caliber gelatin capsules filled with non- toxic dye (paintballs).

Equipment and Specifications Equipment and Specifications
- Marker / Gun
- Facemask
- Feeder / Hopper
CO2 Cylinder
98 PS Maker Gun An assembled MARKER TIPPMANN CUSTOM 98 PS 280 x 133
TIPPMANN CUSTOM 98 ACT: Most Reliable Marker, known as the AK of Paintball Markers
Caliber : 0.68
Action: Semi - Automatic
Power : CO2, Comp. Air, Nitrogen.
Hopper Capacity : 200
Paintball Marker: 9Oz Co2 Tank
Co2 Capacity : N A
Feed Rate : 8 BPS
Paintball Hopper
Accessories (continued):
Tippmann Mask
Firing Rate : 8 BPS
Trigger : Standard Manual,
Allen wrench set O rings, Lubricant,
Barrel sleeve, Barrel Length : 8.5"
Cleaning Cable: Length 19.6”

Details of Important Accessories Details of Important Accessories
Feeder / Hoper
Pellets are fed into the Hopper / Feeder, which is attached on the top, and are loaded into the marker by gravity. The Hopper can accommodate —190 to 200
Face Mask(s):
To protect the eyes and soft facial tissues from a direct paintball strike Basic function is to protect EYES and FACE from injury
Face Mask
Hand Chronograph
Hand Chronograph
Safety Gear: Chest & Neck Guards

Safety Gear JPG

CO2 Tank
Available in various sizes 9 Oz and 20 Oz, stores Co2 for marker operation , engage the marker forming the butt in some markers. They come with pin type
CO2 Tank
Field Grade Paintballs
Each Box contains 2000 Paintball, in 4 sealed packs of 500 each

Field Grade Paintballs

CO2 Filling Station: Lead

CO2 Filling Station Lead

Weighing Scale
CO2 is filled as per weight & a digital scale is needed to measure the same
Requires power source or flat battery.

Weighing Scale



               We also build CQB Training Ranges.

                Please contact for details.





                We also provide and upgrade indoor small arms training simulators.

                Please contact for details.