Software Controlled Mechanized Combat Training Range (SC-MeCTR)

Realistic Combat Training of Mechanized Forces up to a Combat Command:

Multi-faceted Exercises:
Mech Forces, Friendly Forces (if any), Support Elements, Enemy. Forces are grouped into combat groupings (CT, CG, CC).

Tracking all AFVs / Vehicles:
All ICVs and vehicles on the Range.

Monitoring and Control of Exercises:
Control Units with Commanders at all levels to set up, conduct, monitor, control and evaluate tactical training from their AFVs.

Recording and Playback of Exercises:
Time-wise or event-wise timeline for videos with multiple screen option. Rewind and forward in multiple speeds. The archive also present.

Retro-fit Units:
All modules are wirelessly connected, retrofittable and user-friendly. No modifications to the platform.